Placing your first bet with the Bet365 bonus code

As one of the largest operators in the gaming industry, it should come as no surprise that Bet365 also offer one of the most generous bonuses for newcomers to their site. To put it quite simply, all new members who sign up will be entitled to a 100% match on their first deposit up to £200. So if you decide to deposit £20 to place a few opening flutters, like magic you’ll find that your account has been credited an additional £20 as a kind of golden hello. This is obviously a great incentive to game with Bet365 and is suitable not just for those looking to make one or two large stakes right away, but also more ‘hobbyist’ players who like to put smaller stakes on events over a longer period of time (football season etc).

bet365 bet

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Placing a first stake on Bet365 is extremely easy, as once the quick signup is completed the whole world of sport becomes available to gamble upon. It’s worth pointing out here that newcomers may even feel a little overwhelmed at the huge variety of options, markets and permutations available to them – so take it easy to begin with and choose a sport or event that you feel comfortable with. To place the bet simply find the event in question and examine the odds – Bet365 offers highly competitive odds with pretty tiny margins so be secure in knowing that you’re getting a market leading rate. Make your selections and then confirm the amount to be staked – you will then be prompted to confirm, and once this has been done a betting slip will appear on screen that can be viewed anytime through the account settings option.