How to control bet365 betting limits

The account settings play host to plenty of additional features, and one of the most important to be aware of is the ‘betting limits’ option. This allows the gamer to place limits on their account, usually in relation to deposit limits over a period of time or similar cool-off features to help them stay in touch with the practicalities of their gambling. Bet365 appreciate that even the most responsible gamer may feel obliged to chase losses following a bad series of results, and actively encourages it’s customers to set such conditions on their usage of the service.

bet365 betting limits

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Bear in mind also that like all large betting sites, Bet365 may impose their own limits on how much a customer may stake or potentially win from their bets. Often this will only result after a sustained period of success for the customer, or one very large payout – often as the consequence of new customers making the most of their initial deposit bonus. The best way to control this is to win comparatively small amounts by cautious betting rather than go for one almighty payday.