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bet365 have become well known for their attractive promotions and offers and they have carried on that tradition by offering a great in play offer for the most important sports events. The in play offer has been available before and it is generally when there is a big game.

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No matter which game, bet365 customer account holders can use this promotion to win big wit the bet365 in play offer. With a risk free bet being offered punters will want to choose just the right bets to make it really worth their while.

We will be looking at what the bet365 in play offer entails, how you go about qualifying for it and how you will know when you can use it. We will also take a look at some of the markets you can use this offer on and whether there are any strategies you can use to make sure that there is no way you can lose!

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What is the bet365 In Play Offer?

The large sports events always attracts a lot of interest and now bet365 customer account holders can capitalise on another great promotion by getting a risk free bet to use in the biggest match in club football.

All customers need to do is make a pre-match bet and as soon as the match starts they can then make any in play bet to the same amount as their original stake. The in play bet is effectively risk free as if this second bet doesn’t come in as a winner, the stake will be refunded. So that means that if your second bet loses you will get the money back – no matter how your first pre-match bet ended up!

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What is In Play Betting?

Football is the most popular sport for online customers to bet on and a big part of that is the in play markets that offered on most games these days. Whereas you can still make a pre-match bet on a whole host of football markets, the ability to bet in play gives punters so many more chances to win big.

The odds on these in play markets can fluctuate as the game goes on but there are so many different things you can bet on in nearly every match that the most successful customer account holders will use various strategies to maximise their winnings. Or at the very least decrease their losses!

In play betting basically means any bet that is placed once the event has started. You can change the whole course of your bet by studying the in play markets as the event progresses and use your expertise to good effect.

Bonus typeBonus description
bet365 In Play OfferMoney back on losing in play bet
Minimum bet£1
Maximum bet£50

To make sure you can qualify for this offer you will first of all need to have a bet365 customer account. If you don’t already then we will be going through the quick and simple process in a moment.

Once you are signed up you will need to make a pre-match bet. This can be on any market from first goal scorer to winning team to under/over bets. Whatever you want to go for qualifies for the offer as long as you bet at least £1. There is also an upper limit of £50.

Once the match starts you can then make your in play selection. You can choose from any of the markets available but the same deal applies as you need to place a bet to the same amount of your original pre-match bet. But the good thing here is that if that in play bet loses you will get your stake back – making it a risk free selection!

It doesn’t matter how the first bet goes (although we obviously hope that it wins!) but you cannot lose on the in play bet. If it is a winner you will receive your winnings and if it loses you get your money back. And you get a really good idea of football in play betting!

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What Kind of In Play Bet Can You Make?

It might be easier to list the bets you can’t make as the amount of markets bet365 offers in play is very impressive indeed.

As well as the straightforward, basic bets such as full time result or first goal scorer selections, you have the opportunity to bet on more time specific markets as the game is going on. This obviously gives you the chance to win back money on lost bets as the match is in progress. You can bet on the amount of corners or even who will get the next yellow card. As the match is going on you can bet on the same market more than once this way as well.

It should be said here that the bet365 in play offer only applies to the first in play selection you make. You can make as many in play bets as you like but the stake that will be refunded will be for the first in play bet you make only, with the same amount as your initial pre-match flutter.

Any full time result refers to the score at the end of 90 minutes. But as this is about in play markets there are plenty of football markets to choose from where you can predict who will lift the trophy even if it is after extra time and penalties (and you will probably be able to bet on the likelihood of those outcomes as well!).

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Cashing Out Your Bets

To give you even more control over your bets – and sometimes to get something back even if your bet is looking like it might not come through – bet365 have a great cash out feature. There is no guarantee that you will be able to cash out on the bet that you choose for either your pre-match bet, or your in play offer, but you will be able to see on your betslip if that is the case at the time.
In simple terms the cash out feature allows you to take some returns on a bet before the event has finished – or the particular thing that you are betting on is decided.

If you have placed a bet and you think that that outcome is starting to look unlikely then you may be given the chance to cash out on your bet and at least take some money from the selection. The amount may be higher or lower than your original stake depending on the match situation but you may well think that ‘something is better than nothing’.

And with the bet365 in play offer you are also safe in the knowledge that you still have your risk free in play bet to wait on as well. Even if that loses you get your stake back so you could come away from the game with some money even if both your original bets – pre-match and in play – end up losing!

Mobile Betting

Keeping up with the score has never been easier thanks to the ability to use your smartphone or tablet device. With a bet365 account you never have to miss out on any bets either as you can use the downloadable in play mobile app to keep right up to date – and the option to go live betting.

bet365 have an app for any kind of device on any platform so you can bet wherever you are, whenever you like. You may have placed your pre-match bet at home but know that you will be out and about once the game starts. With this promotion there is no need to miss out on your risk free in play bet as you can just log into your account wherever you are and check out the latest odds and football markets.

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Placing a Bet

If you are fairly new to online betting you might find all the different markets, odds and bets confusing but bet365 make everything very simple for you and placing the bet itself is also very easy to do.

The choice of markets are generally much the same for both the pre-match and in play bet and once you have made your selection you just need to click on the odds quoted. This will automatically update your betslip to the right of your screen.

If you are happy with your selection you need to enter your stake (how much you want to bet). You will be able to see your potential returns at this point and if you like what you see just click on the ‘bet now’.

With this promotion you follow the exact same process for your in play bet once the game has started. Place the same amount of stake – from £1 to £50 – and wait to see if you have picked a winner!

The bet365 In Play Offer

This great promotion from bet365 gives customers a really good chance of keeping some money in their pocket. You can choose a strategy to give you more chance of a return, or you can just make your bets as usual, but with a risk free in play bet it does mean that you will get something back!

Hopefully you win big on your pre-match bet and then follow that up with a successful in play selection. But it is really good to know that if you take up this promotion you will get some money back however your bets go!

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